April 30, 2015

A special offer for my friends and family.......

If you are reading this blog I sincerely consider you my friend. Taking time out of your day just to read what I have to say? You better believe that you are my best friend! And I only let my best friends, in on the little secrets in life that I believe will make them happy and one of those secrets is that my favorite place to shop is having a HUGE event right now! 
TALBOTS of course.

I also consider the readers of Laura's Style my family. It's like I've got this awesome little group of ladies who actually want my style advice. I am a very humble person, so the idea of that sometimes makes me a little nervous. You actually rely on me to give you style advice! I know what it's like to be a real woman living in this real world and fitting in isn't always easy to do. When we get to a certain age you'd think that we would all play nice with each other! Some do and some don't, but I believe that I am here on planet Earth to help you look and feel your very best and find your place in the world of real every day fashion. It can be done and you do fit in.

Now let's get shopping!

Click HERE to start shopping and receive 30% off everything at TALBOTS!

Oh, and if you'd like you may click HERE to shop my favorite pieces from Talbots

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