April 1, 2015

I am partial to Persian pickles these days.......

........otherwise known as paisley.

{now say that ten times really fast}

Paisley is a classic pattern that can be worn in spring, summer, fall and winter. The only thing that changes are the colors and fabrics for each season in which paisley patterns are worn, for obvious reasons such as warmth. I can't help but think of some of my favorite 70's rock bands when I am wearing paisley. Queen, David Bowie, The Who and Deep Purple are some of the first to come to my mind. 

While it may seem that the paisley pattern was invented by 70's rock & roll stars, believe it or not, paisley actually originated in Persia around 200-650 AD. I think that it's pretty cool that we still have a soft spot deep in our hearts for this kidney shaped pattern after all this time!

Below is a paisley portfolio that I created to inspire you! And don't worry about paisley being too trendy. Trust me, it's here to stay.

And in case you are wondering about this awesome Tiffany Blue Milano Bag by Alice D that I am carrying, you can find it by clicking
by clicking on the photo of the bag below.
It is pretty awesome, isn't it. It's made in Italy and the leather is incredibly SOFT. The perfect tote for spring!

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