April 8, 2015

My Favorite Vintage Look Alike

Since I am always looking for vintage jewelry to accessorize my modern look, this gold beaded tassel necklace from Talbots really spoke to me!

If it seems to speak to you too, you can find yours by clicking on the photo above or by simply clicking right HERE.

My Newport pants in a beautiful blue shade called Murano glass are from Talbots too...........as well as my metallic gold belt and white shoes. I would most definitely call the shoes true vintage since I bought them at Talbots more than ten years ago. Hard to believe that they are still going strong! You don't usually see white shoes last that long! But when you buy quality, you can't go wrong!

 And speaking of quality, my white wrinkle free blouse is by Ralph Lauren. You will be so glad you have another white wrinkle free blouse hanging in your closet. Even if you already have one. Having two of these baby's is a best practice for any lady who wants to look and feel her best!

Click the photo below to find your perfect Ralph Lauren white wrinkle free blouse or click HERE.

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