April 22, 2015

Where in the world do you wear a maxi dress?

There is no doubt that maxi dresses are going to be HOT this summer, but I hear a lot of ladies say that they don't really know where to wear them. I am here to help with that! Most ladies feel that maxi dresses are casual and would never consider wearing one to a summer wedding or cocktail party. The truth is, you can wear a maxi dress for any occasion. I am especially loving the idea of wearing a maxi dress to a fancy cocktail party. Just picture yourself wearing a long sleek black cocktail dress with a side slit going up one of the legs, while all the other women opt for the traditional little black mini dress. How boring. I know, I am such a rebel! But just look at these black maxis below! Amazing, right?

Below are four of my favorite maxi dresses from Macy's for formal weddings or dressy evening affairs:

And here are eight of my favorite maxi dresses from Nordstrom to wear casually this summer:

But this question still remains. Can you wear maxi dresses to the office? I have one word. 
Some of you who adore maxi dresses may fight with me on that. The truth is, they are just not professional looking enough. They are meant for fun occasions, which is why you may insist on wearing one to the office, so you can feel like you are having fun. And I totally get it, but you just shouldn't do it. You wouldn't wear ice skates to the beach just because ice skating was your favorite sport would you? 

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