May 20, 2015

Sometimes all you need is a little cardi to cover your arms....

{All of my accessories are vintage and can be found at The Canny Canary}

If there is one complaint I hear the most from women about their body it is that they hate showing their arms. Either they are not toned, or have too may sunspots from over the years or they just are plain cold most of the time. If you have those feelings, just know that you are not alone.

That is why I love this pointelle cardi from TALBOTS. It is nice and sheer so it isn't too warm and it gives just the right amount of arm coverage. The one I am wearing here is no longer available in black at but it comes in many colors that are on sale at the moment! Click HERE or click the photo above and below and that will bring you right to so that you can purchase one for yourself! Trust me. You will be glad you did ;)

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