May 1, 2015

Splurge Worthy.....

I recently asked a question on my Facebook page about how much you might pay for something when you consider it to be a "splurge." The following were the comments I received:

 "Depends on the item but I'd say $500 plus..."

"No set amount of money; it has to do with extravagance. Paying $3 for Starbucks vs $1 McDonalds cup of coffee."

"I spent $160 at Ulta today, that was a splurge.."

"It's all relative. Any time I pay full price for a piece of clothing, I consider it a splurge! I looked at a dress at Christopher and Banks tonight that was $74.99, and the only reason I decided to try it on was because I was going to be able to use a 40% coupon."

"$1,000 or more."

"About $500."

"Anything over $39.99! I am too frugal! #lovegoodwill"

"It's more a question of need versus want. Like designer sunglasses for example."

As you can see, the comments were all over the board. I asked this question because a.) I wanted to see if you actually do splurge on yourself and b.) I wanted to give you advice on what items are exactly splurge worthy and why it is splurge worthy if you might be in question. At first I thought this post might come once a month. Then I thought maybe once a quarter. Then I totally was thinking of myself when I thought once a year. But who am I to judge when you are in a position to splurge on yourself? So I decided to post one splurge worthy item a week for your consideration. Sound okay? Please tell me if not. I hate to disappoint.

So, I am going with the fact that you might want to know what I am dreaming of right now if I were in a position to splurge on something for myself. Since it is Kentucky Derby time I began thinking about hats. I have always dreamed of owning a hat made by one of the worlds finest milliners, Maison Michel. So here it is. My splurge worthy item of the week!

Not only is this hat crafted by Maison Michel, one of the worlds finest milliners, it is also extremely practical and you would own it and wear it for years to come. Since it is so necessary to protect ourselves from the sun, this item might be a splurge right now, but it will pay for itself in the years to come when you can look in the mirror and not have a single age spot or cancer cell. It is well worth the investment and you will feel incredible every time you put it on. You might just want to wear it every where you go!

Below are more of my favorite splurge worthy hats for Kentucky Derby day or any day for that matter.

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