May 19, 2015

Your fashion thought of the day..........

Fashion can be considered a very vain subject. I think when we are young we gravitate to fashion to figure out who we are. We try all sorts of different things to try to fit in and/or find ourselves.

When we are young it seems we use fashion to attract the opposite sex. It sometimes becomes sickening how obvious we are in doing this. We get a piercing and/or a tattoo. We wear short shorts, mini skits and things that cling. And we are proud of it! But at some point in our life, we grow, and we get to know ourselves. We learn that the length of our mini skirt has absolutely nothing to do with who we really are and we begin to express to the world who we truly are through our voice and what we believe in. We still dress to impress but not purely so. Dressing becomes a way for us to express the woman we have proudly become. Our true style begins to evolve as our life progresses and develops. We think we've got everything figured out at age 17, but at age 40 we begin to realize we will never be able to figure everything out and we let a higher power take over.

I am not writing this article because I have something against young girls and the way they dress. I just wish that there were more young girls out there who were not afraid to express who they really are at a young age. But maybe that's not possible because the brain is still developing when we are young. I understand that it is difficult to stop following the crowd. For some reason we feel the need to fit in. Maybe the majority isn't young girls dressing to fit in. Maybe the majority are the ones who judge, or maybe the majority are the girls who let the feeling of being judged get to them. 

What are some of the thoughts that maneuver through your mind when you are getting dressed?

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