June 5, 2015

Five Fashion Myths That Might Ruin Your Style Potential

Do you hold yourself back from wearing certain things because you feel that you will be judged? I am here to tell you to just let go and let live. It doesn't matter what you do or what you wear. You will always be judged. I say, so what. Don't hold yourself back from being yourself. 

{photo via Adriana Sassoon}

Here are five fashion myths that might be holding you back from being you:

1.) You think wearing horizontal stripes or big floral patterns are for "small people." I am telling you ladies, you are doing yourself a disservice if you truly believe that you can't wear certain patterns. If you like it, try it on. Stripes or no stripes, flowers or no flowers, it's how the garment fits that will either flatter or not flatter. It has nothing to do with the patterns, prints or stripes.

2.) You believe that shortening your skirt will look more flattering when in fact a skirt that actually hits right at the middle of the knee gives the most elongated look and will look classy every time.

3.) You believe that jeans can't be worn with a dressy blazer or blouse. I am here to tell you, that this is how you SHOULD be wearing your jeans.

4.) You believe that white cannot be worn before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. White is right for all four seasons, just watch your fabrics. It can brighten you up all year round! Wear your white wools in winter and save your lightweight whites for summer. It's a no brainer.

5.) You believe that loose fitting styles are the best for larger women. Think again. Tailored styles that skim the body are best for not only larger women but for ALL women. Too loose will make anyone appear larger and too tight will do the same.

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