June 29, 2015

Five Outfit Ideas For Your Work Week Ahead

Day 1

It's Monday. Why not start out your week soft and sweet? This amazing look from TALBOTS is one of my favorites. I was going to save it for another day but I figured Monday was just as good as any day to look fabulous!

SHOP the Monday look!

Day 2 

Tuesday's look is comfy but still looks professional enough for the office. Who needs to wear a suit to make a great impression? This look is totally put together and professional.

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Day 3

Wednesday's look is a little more polished. Maybe you have a meeting or a job interview. Whatever you have going on, this look will get you through.

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Day 4

On Thursday you may be meeting the girls after work for a pre weekend get together. This look is perfect for work but also can transition into an evening of conversation and cocktails quite easily. I adore the color of this ruffle band collar blouse from TALBOTS. They call it Rivera. 

SHOP the Thursday look!

Day 5

Today is casual Friday! And you didn't think you would make it did you. This look might be comfy and casual, but the jacket makes it still look put together enough for work. If you can't wear jeans to work try some chinos instead on casual Friday.

SHOP the Friday look!

I am wishing you a wonderful week full of inspiration and daily celebrations! 

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