June 15, 2015

Geometry. I like to wear it, not learn it.

Is anyone else with me here? Who has actually used geometry since you were made to in high school? I know I most certainly have not. I think they could have been teaching us something that might apply to our real every day life, like how to write a check or address an envelope. Believe it or not, there are kids that have no idea how to do either one of those things.
Very sad.
Nothing against those who use and/or enjoy geometry. I'm sure it comes very easy to some. For instance, my father. He uses geometry every single day and loves every minute of it. He's an engineer. He builds airplanes and rebuilds antique cars. And I must say that he is amazing.

Some might say it's sad that I don't understand how to solve most geometric equations.
But I do know how to wear geometric figures. So that must be good for something...........

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