June 22, 2015

Jumpsuits Are Back!

{V-neck jumpsuit from EXPRESS}

In my mind they never went anywhere.
I have a special place deep in my heart for a jumpsuit. They always look super cool and 70's chic. Until..........
You need to go to the bathroom. As crazy as it may seem, you may want to consider this factor when purchasing a jumpsuit. You want one that is easy to get in and out of by yourself. Make sure to avoid buying one with crazy hidden zippers that make it difficult for you to reach. It's also best to purchase a jumpsuit in a neutral color so that you can accessorize many different ways depending on what activities you have planned. Here are some of my favorite and easy to get in and out of jumpsuits for summer 2015!

And below are a few of my favorite items to accessorize your jumpsuit:

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