June 12, 2015

Retail Therapy. Is it a real thing?

Do you go shopping when the going gets rough? Don't worry. You're not the only one. I am convinced that retail therapy is a real thing. And it doesn't always mean that you have to buy something. Some days you just feel like going to that place where everyone knows your name. 

{Photo via buzzfeed.com}
Most every woman has her favorite shopping destination. It's usually a place where she is treated with kindness and respect whether she buys something or not. The sales staff makes her feel welcome and she knows that she can just come in and browse and chat. She might try something on and she might not. Regardless of what you may think, when a lady is shopping she is there for one of two reasons. She has something specific in mind that she needs for an event coming up in her life or she just simply wants to clear her mind and focus on something for her. Retail therapy is real and costs about the same as going to a therapist. In some cases it's free when all you need to do is look around. There is just something about being in a pretty atmosphere where everything is neat, clean and visually appealing. And the sales associates should know that they play a huge part in retail therapy. Trust me, you are considered a best friend to the woman who is "just looking."

Where are some of the places that you go to get a little retail therapy? 
Please share.
We want to go! 

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