June 24, 2015

To be comfortably fashionable, or fashionably comfortable? That is the question.

No matter what you are hearing from the fashion industry, I think that this is a positively glorious time for fashion. We are living in a time where anything goes. Even Chanel is showing sneakers worn with tweed suits! Does that mean that we finally are getting the okay to be fashionably comfortable in a world where it has been typically known that you were not fashionable unless you were a little uncomfortable? I say yes. And I am loving it!

However, being comfortable and being dressed appropriately for a particular situation that you are in, say it might be work or an interview, are still two separate things. We all know that there are certain events in our lives that we wouldn't (or shouldn't) wear sneakers or jeans to, but somehow people still continue to be confused. I don't think that this fashion movement of being fashionably comfortable or comfortably fashionable is helping our thought process any. By the way, those two statements mean exactly the same thing. I hope you're not even more confused now! Read on....

Sneakers have made a huge comeback. Not that they really went anywhere. I mean, we will always put on our sneakers when we are going for a walk or a run or when our feet are screaming and we really don't care what we look like, but we just need some RELIEF! But what I am saying is, sneakers can now be a fashion statement. See the photos below to see what I mean. And as you browse the photos think about what these ladies looks have in common other than the fact that they are all wearing sneakers.

They are all wearing skirts with sneakers! Very cute and very comfy. But notice how each of them are styled. They all look very feminine and added a bit of sex appeal to their look which is really important when styling your sneakers. There is a fine line when wearing this comfy sneaker look.

And below are a few photos of ladies who chose to wear their sneakers with pants. Pay attention to their styling. All of their pants are straight leg and a bit cropped, not a wide leg which might make them look frumpy.

Totally chic.

And let me just leave you with this: As cute as sneakers can be, there are places that you wouldn't ever want wear a pair of sneakers. To and interview, to work (unless you get the okay from the boss), a wedding, a funeral, a cocktail party, a garden party or any party that is a little upscale. Who says, you ask? Well, lets just say there should be a respect factor there. As fashionistas, we know that we need to draw the line somewhere.....

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{All photos in this post are via StyleCaster}

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