June 10, 2015

When Is Wearing Leggings Appropriate?

We have seen legging sales go through the roof this year in retail fashion! That tells me one thing. That comfort will always be the most important thing to a women when it comes to what she wears. But it wasn't so long ago that wearing leggings was a fashion don't. And they still can be easily worn very wrong. You know what I'm talking about.

So, when is wearing legging appropriate? I am not only going to help you with that subject but also with how to wear them exactly. 

Leggings are perfect attire for the lady who works from home. They are comfortable and stylish if she should need to meet with a client or rush out to do an errand. It becomes more important how she wears them. Even if you are at home all day working it's important to look and feel good, right? We all know that we do our best work when we feel like we look amazing. 

Here are a few more examples of "professional" ways to style your leggings:

Leggings are also appropriate for active women who seem to always be on the go. They are comfy and as long as you know how to wear them you will look cool and chic. Below are some cute and comfy tops from TALBOTS to wear with your leggings on your days off. Find them by clicking HERE.

{Sneakers by KEDS}

*WARNING. Leggings can be addictive. Please wear them responsibly. 

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