July 22, 2015

Lose Weight Instantly!

Yes ladies, it is totally possible to lose weight in the blink of an eye and it involves doing one thing. 

Choosing the right bra.

{Photo via Brayola, where you will find the best bras on the planet}

Where your breasts sit on your chest makes all the difference in how your clothes fit. This is of course a more challenging situation for larger breasted ladies for sure. But ladies with small to medium busts can also benefit from the information I am going to give you in this blog post.

You want your breasts to sit midway between your elbows and your shoulders for the most slimming appearance. The last thing you want is for your breasts to appear as if they are part of your stomach! The center of the bra should sit FLAT against your chest and there should be no wrinkling or gaping in the cups. Larger breasted ladies may have to opt for a more substantial bra. That means no little tiny delicate straps like the ones you find at Victoria's Secret. And nothing that covers half of your boob. You want the entire breast encased and held firmly between the shoulders and the elbows as I stated before. If you can, consider spending good money on a bra that fits well. You will be glad you made the investment, because you will look better in everything you wear. 

I also suggest getting fitted at least once a year. As women we must come to the realization that our bodies change and evolve as we grow older. Accept the fact that you are not getting any younger and embrace the fact that as you are getting older, you are also getting much smarter.

And as much as you may be thinking that this whole bra thing is a bother, just remember that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and therefore looking larger than they need to look in their clothing every day. Finding and wearing the right bra will make you appear more slim instantly and it will also make you happier because you will feel more comfortable as you move throughout your day.

Some of my favorite and affordable bra brands are: Lilyette & Vanity Fair.
Some of my favorite luxury bra brands are Brayola, Wacoal, and Chantelle.

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