July 20, 2015

My Monday Mosaic

Mondays can be tough for those who get used to having weekends off. My mosaic print top from TALBOTS helped make this particular Monday a little more lively....

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{Vintage sterling silver jade ring and vintage nautical necklace. Both can be found at The Canny Canary!}

Of course I couldn't help but to pair this classic yet modern summer time chemise with vintage jewelry from The Canny Canary. I couldn't help but die over these vintage finds! I think you might love them too. And they are all available right now just for you! Click HERE to SHOP vintage jewels from The Canny Canary.

This mosaic top calls for an easy breezy summer day, which we don't very often come by in the lovely state of Maine. But when we do we must celebrate! So since the sun has not come out yet today, linen pants will keep me warm enough until it finally does and cool enough if we get lucky enough to call this day a scorchah! (i.e. scorcher, meaning a very HOT day)

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