July 8, 2015

Summer Time Make Up Style

Summer time might be a more relaxing time for some, but most of us struggle with getting a vacation day let alone a whole week off! Here are some make up tips to make people think you look relaxed and like you are enjoying the summer weather, when you've really been stuck inside most days:

  • Lighten up on your make up. If you must wear foundation, wear one that is a little more sheer and maybe with a more natural finish. I recommend Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15. 

  • Next, I recommend that you ditch the smoky eye look for now and opt for a more "naked" eye. The NAKED collections by Urban Decay give you the perfect nude look for summer. Pick the one that is right for you. My personal favorite is NAKED 3.

  • Choose a lip gloss over a lip stick. And I know, sometimes lip glosses can be sticky. Try my favorite NON sticky lipgloss: Yves Saint Lauren ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres which is actually a glossy lip stain that goes on a little wet and then kind of dries but still makes your lips feel great and lasts a long time. It truly is amazing stuff. And it comes in over twenty shades!

  • You will need a blush and/or a bronzer that gives you that gorgeous sun kissed and naturally flushed look. Try my all-time favorites by Tarte! And don't forget to pick up a quality blush/bronzer brush which will make all the difference in the world in your application process!

  • And last, but certainly not least, you will want to accentuate those lashes the best you can since most of your other make up will be subtle. Invest in a great eyelash curler. I LOVE the one below by Shiseido. You will also want a really great mascara in black to make those eyes pop. Make sure if you do happen to be lucky enough to go swimming on your day (or week) off, that you choose a really good waterproof mascara. You will find my favorite eye accentuating products below.

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