August 2, 2015

Let Yourself Glow!

Yes, this vintage necklace from the 1960's is so pretty and iridescent that it GLOWS, but one might ask, how do I actually wear this pretty vintage necklace in 2015? There are actually many ways you can wear it if you keep an open mind. 
{1960's Vintage Moonglow Necklace can be found at The Canny Canary}

When I first look at this necklace I automatically think, dress up.
Below you will find a few really cute modern dresses from Nordstrom that would actually work really well with this vintage necklace
{Cream and Sugar}
{Ted Baker London}

But, if you are like me you might not dress up every single day. See how I wore this 1960's vintage moonglow necklace in the photo's below. As you can see, my outfit really only consists of two elements: A simple white blouse and a pair of boyfriend jeans from TALBOTS

Find your own perfect white blouse by clicking HERE.

Find your own perfect boyfriend jeans by clicking HERE.

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