October 18, 2015

It's Blanket Scarf Season!

Today was the coldest day of the fall season here in Maine. So what did my husband and I decide to do? Take a ride further north where it was even colder! Okay, so we don't really love the cold weather, but today was our 19th wedding anniversary and we wanted to celebrate by doing something out of the ordinary. So we took a drive into northern Maine. Millinocket to be exact. 

I had heard of River Drivers Restaurant from a couple of friends, so I suggested to my husband that we check it out! Plus it gave me a chance to sport this very pretty and very affordable blanket scarf that I purchased from CHOiES. Find yours by clicking HERE.

SHOP more of my favorite blanket scarves of the season!

I had the sniffles so I had the homemade vegetable soup and a grilled cheese sandwich made with roasted tomato & basil topped with sharp Gruyere cheddar and a tomato mayo spread. It was just what I needed.
The weather was a bit crazy today. First it looked like this.

Then it looked like this. That's snow falling in the distance by the way....

And then it looked like this.

And only 32 degrees!

Even though it was cold, today felt magical. 

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