October 7, 2015

Whooooo are you....?

I have to admit that I struggle with who I am every day. I think that we all have many different personas that we struggle with. Most of this thought comes from the fact that we know where we came from and our childhood plays a huge part in who we actually are. I struggle with who I am and who the world wants me to be. I know deep inside that I am quiet and creative, and not to sound rude, but I enjoy my alone time to the max. I also love creating wonderful experiences for people and I don't really care if I receive recognition. As long as someone is enjoying an experience that I created for them, I feel completely self satisfied.

I didn't mean to get side tracked there. So lets get back to fashion! As we know, fashion lets you tell a story to the world about who you are. That means we can fool the world and ourselves from time to time. 

Today I chose to wear this lovely Kildare Check Blazer from TALBOTS. You can find it HERE. I couldn't decide if I wanted to wear it with the Flower & Plaid Scarf or with the Owl-Embroidered Sweater. (see the photo's above)

From the photo's below you will see that I chose to wear it with the Owl-Embroidered Sweater today. Stay tuned to see how I wore this jacket with the Flower & Plaid Scarf in my upcoming posts!


One of the things I love most about this jacket is the cute satin lining with the owls on it! I just had to show it to you.

Happening now at TALBOTS!

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