November 9, 2015

Neutral Ground

 With all the bright colors in the fashion world this season, go figure I pick out something neutral. To tell you the truth, it all started with this tassel necklace from Talbots that I am wearing.....

I love anything to do with tassels right now. I think it's the vintage vibe that they give off. 
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The tassel necklace then led to the purchase of this perfect cashmere cable-sleeve cowl neck sweater and a pair of refined ponte leggings in coffee bean. I can't even tell you how great I felt in this outfit. There is a lot to be said for being warm and cozy.

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Actually, you could blame the purchase of this entire look on these fabulous 80's vintage Egyptian style earrings from The Canny Canary. They totally gave this look LIFE! There is only one pair available. Gotta love unique vintage jewels! Find them at The Canny Canary by clicking HERE or on the photo of them below:

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