February 15, 2016

Pretty Ways To Organize Your Jewelry

Personally, I like to organize my jewelry so that I can shop it. I love looking at it. I don't like tucking it away in a jewelry box.
Unless of course, it is a pretty see-through lucite box like the one pictured below. You can find something like this on Amazon or probably at your local Target or Walmart store. 

Or you can SHOP some of my favorite lucite jewelry boxes below!

Lucite Vintage Jewelry Box
Photo by Patrick Cline/Lonny Magazine

I also enjoy displaying my jewelry on a wall or a bulletin board. This way I can see everything and I can colorize it and make it look like a collection. I also change it up from month to month with some new pieces that I come across so that I don't get bored of looking at the same thing.

Vintage jewelry wall display
Photo by Mark Weinberg

On the other hand, I think some of us are just natural drapers. By this I mean that when we take something off we like to drape it over something because it's so much easier than placing it back onto a fixture or in a drawer. Let your natural draping practice flow and use a sturdy square mirror or paint a square piece of wood in a color you love and use it as a jewelry display on your dresser. 

Vintage jewelry display
Photo by Lesley Unruh

There are many different ways to store your jewelry but my advice to you would be to not store it away. Keep it out where you can see it and enjoy it even when you're not wearing it. You may not be able to keep it all out at once, but you can have fun rearranging it once a month!

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