February 16, 2016

The Three Lipstick Colors You Must Own

There are tons of lip colors to chose from out there, and if you're like me, I have a drawer full of lipsticks that I don't even wear! 

(I'm working on weeding those out.)

Either the color is wrong or they tend to dry my lips out so I go with good old gloss instead. I have learned that the secret to buying lipstick is to not go cheep! 

You really only need three lipsticks in your life, so why not splurge a little on them? You deserve it! Plus your lips will feel great wearing a quality lipstick, instead of like a pucker brush when you choose a cheep brand. Below I show you the three lip colors that you must own; a red, a nude and a pale pink.

SHOP my three favorite lipstick brands!

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