February 2, 2016

Today's Look: Comfy, Classic, Quirky

50's Vintage Sparkling Purple Rhinestone Brooch from The Canny Canary.

Today's look was inspired by wanting to be comfortable, classic and a bit quirky.
I wanted to wear pink and purple. So I did.

I wish I could say that I put more thought into my look than I actually did so that I could give you some guidance. But the truth is, my outfits come to me when I am in the shower, while I am closing my eyes, and picturing my closet. I guess my style tip to you today is:
Don't over think anything, including your outfits. Over thinking causes stress and it makes you shut down. We all want to be perfect but we will never be. Trust me, I wasn't loving my look today after I put it on. I thought it made me look fat. I am sure no one even looked at me with that thought in mind because I just rocked it out all day. Everything was fine. People judge each other every day by their looks. But it isn't until we open our mouths and speak our thoughts that our real soul comes out. And even then, we tend to mask the real us by making comments to cover up who we really are and what kind of past might be haunting us. 

Who are we anyway?
Just get dressed and stop overthinking.


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