March 21, 2016

It's Closet Clean Up Time!

{Photo via The Everygirl}

I am so happy to say that Spring is officially in full swing! Although, you wouldn't know it at the moment here in Maine as I sit here typing this during a Nor'Easter. But I am not sad or even a tiny bit mad. Part of the reason for that might be the fact that I happen to have today off! But the biggest reason I am not upset about this snow storm, is the fact that it is the end of March and the snow won't last long. You know what today is a good day for? A good closet clean up!

So, what is step one in cleaning out your closet you ask? Step one is coming to the realization that you don't need all that "stuff" to be happy. Believe me, you will be much happier when you don't have all that clutter that you never wear out of your sight. If you have multiple closets, just focus on one at a time. 

Step two in cleaning out your closet is actually taking each piece out and talking to it. Ask it the following questions:

"Do you fit and flatter my body?"

"Have I worn you in the past year?" 

"Are you in style and do you currently represent my style?"

"Are you damaged, and if so will I actually make the effort to repair you?"

"If I was out shopping right now, would I buy you?"

"Do I feel confident when I wear you?"

"Do you make me feel super fantastic when I put you on?"

If you answered yes to these seven questions, then you keep it! I understand that some things in your closet have sentimental value, such as your old prom dress or that outfit you wore on your first date with the love of your life. You should definitely keep those! Just take them out of your closet and store them in an area that you don't open up every day. You will be less confused when you are getting dressed if you have less in your sight.

So, now you have a huge pile of things that don't make you feel great when you put them on, right? What do you do with them? If you have some great pieces, but they just don't work for you anymore, you might want to consider selling them on Poshmark. If you have some high-end expensive name brand items that don't work for you any longer, you might want to consider selling those pieces on Tradesy. I personally would stay away from e-bay. E-bay is tough to sell used clothing and accessories on. You have a much better chance of actually selling your things on Poshmark or Tradesy because they specialize in fashion, whereas on e-bay you can sell anything and everything including the kitchen sink. But no matter what site you choose to list your items on, this does take some time. You can't possibly get it all done in one day especially if you have a ton of stuff. You might want to set a goal yourself to list 10 items at a time whenever you have an hour to spare. Poshmark and Tradesy make it easy for you to list your items using your smartphone. Just download the Poshmark and Tradesy apps and you can take photos of your items with your phone and list them from your phone using the apps! It's actually pretty fun once you get going.

So, obviously, you must have some items that you cleaned out from your closet that are not worth a darn. Clothing that is a bit faded and/or maybe a bit pilled should be donated to a charity of your choice. Clothing that has holes in it could be used as rags or recycled. 

Once you clean out your closet, it's time to re-evaluate what you have and what you don't have. This might be a great time to update your wardrobe a bit! Here are a few of my favorite updated items for Spring 2016!

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