December 28, 2016

How long will you keep your tree up after Christmas?

I really wanted to get a real tree this year, but we were too busy working to take the time to get one and I really wanted it up by December 18 at the latest. I suppose we could have made the time and planned better, but it just didn't happen. My husband came down with a terrible cold and then I came down with it. Any downtime we had we just wanted to rest so that we would actually feel good on Christmas Day. Plus we are a one car family, so you can imagine that the winters can be a bit difficult. In the other three seasons my husband rides his road bike to work and all is well, except for the days that we get pouring rain all day. So, getting back to the tree situation........we didn't get a real tree this year after all and I was a little sad about that at first, but I figure everything is meant to be. I have been known to have terrible asthma when I am around pine trees, but I thought I'd like to see if I had outgrown it. Well, you know what they say. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe I would have been severely allergic and ended up in the ER on Christmas if I had a real tree. I'll stick with a great smelling candle instead.
Below is my favorite pine candle in the whole world by Diptyque, and believe it or not, they are still guaranteeing delivery by Christmas Eve!
You can find one for yourself here.
Diptyque Candle
Now, let's get back to the real subject of this blog post. How long do you keep your tree up after Christmas?

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