December 19, 2016

The Classic Monogram

I have always been attracted to anything that is monogrammed. I think that it might be because it just feels special and more personal. I also think it's the art of the monogram itself that attracts me. I love embroidery. Of course now we have lovely machines that create the monogram, but it amazes me that there was a time that all monograms were done by hand! It really is a work of art.

Below are some of my favorite monogrammed items this season:

1. A handkerchief for him or her from The Maine Square. This is actually my own brand that I started in April 2016. They make great gifts for the guy or girl you have no idea what to buy! 

2. I love this bag from Mark and Graham. It's not only affordable but it's such a classic. It's deep enough for all of my magazines and my iPad which is always a plus. And I am always a sucker for anything in blackwatch plaid. 

3. These monogrammed mugs from Williams-Sonoma are so beautiful yet simple in design. I really love anything white these days. And the gold monogram makes them a bit festive for this time of year.

4. I love this super affordable plaid monogrammed scarf that I found on Etsy. In fact I own one just like it without the monogram that I purchased last year at Nordstrom. But this year I think I need another one since my kitty took naps on it in my closet and now there are a few pulls on it. I didn't know she snuck in there!


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