December 21, 2016

To Get The Flu Shot Or Not?

As I write this I am on day three of this terrible flu thing that's been going around. I probably should stay home from work again today, but now that my chills and fever are gone, I have gained back some strength. Now I am contending with this awful cough that kept me and my husband up all night. ("I'm so sorry babe!") He forgives me because he had the same thing last week which was awful for him too. 

My question to you is; Do you think that if I had the flu shot I would not have come down with this terrible thing? You hear so much controversy around the flu shot, but when I had the shakes so bad with my fever and I couldn't even put tooth paste on my tooth brush without my hands trembling like an old person, that scared me. Maybe I will consider getting the flu shot every year. What's your opinion?

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