February 2, 2017

Love Is All We've Got

Honestly, it's true. Love is really all we have. Who want's to be stressed out with hate and anger all the time? It's so bad for your body! I believe in helping others, drinking tea and having fresh flowers in the house at all times. And by helping others I don't mean necessarily with money. I just mean simply being there to actively listen or help others with everyday things. It not only helps them, but it can be very therapeutic for you to get out of your own head from time to time and help someone else. Just going to lunch with a friend can be great, but even better, going on a weekend retreat with friends can be phenomenal for the soul. Sometimes when I say this to people they tell me that they don't really have any friends. I say, go out and simply say hello to people that you don't even know. You will be surprised at how many people you connect with. 
There is so much good in this world!

Yes it was cold and snowy again today here in Maine, but that didn't stop me from creating this blog post. It was 23 degrees out to be exact. We could say that is a heat wave compared to some of the cold days we have had. Here I am on my front porch at my Maine home.

It's a messy time of year!

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