May 19, 2017

Celebrating The Warmth in Maine!

Yesterday was technically not the first day of summer, but it certainly felt like it in Maine! We had a high temperature of 92 degrees! A heat wave for us, especially considering that it was having a hard time reaching 50 degrees this past weekend. Crazy! I felt the need to get out the starfish belt on this fine "summer" day. This was a purchase I made at Talbots about twelve years ago. I would say that this starfish is nearly vintage and I love it! I have never found one exactly like it since, however, I did look up starfish belts on Etsy and found this adorable one below that you might be interested in....

It was so great to be able to wear some bright colors today to celebrate the warmth! I even broke out the Huarache sandals!


PROOF that it actually was 92 degrees in Maine yesterday! I LOVE SUMMER!
I also LOVE my new Apple watch. Do you own one? If you do, what do you like best about it? I purchased this white strap separately. It actually came with a navy blue strap which I wear for work. But I thought the white would be perfect for summer and I love the gold accent. 

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