June 5, 2017

Peace - ing Out With Pineapples!

Someone asked me the other day why the heck pineapples are so popular? That question actually made me stop and think for a brief minute. Then I quickly responded, "Because they grow in places that are basically paradise and who doesn't want to wear a little bit of paradise?!" Plus, I think they are such a pretty fruit. J.Crew has managed to make them into a colorful fruit on this Campbell Italian linen blazer, and of course I am a sucker for color. Traditionally pineapples have become a symbol of warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. All things that make me feel happy. So, I think that the real questions should be, why wouldn't pineapples be so popular? Don't you?

I also adore this awesome plaid enamel hinged bangle from Talbots. I think they are doing such a great job with engraving their name into the inside of the bracelet. In time this bracelet will become vintage, and it will certainly be worth a lot more if we can see who it's by. That's just a little something I look for when I am buying costume jewelry these days. I am a vintage jewelry lover and I know that I always look for that brand stamp inside each piece that I hunt down. 

Mom jeans? Maybe. But high rise jeans are now cool. Trust me on this. No more low riders, please. Something slightly lower is fine. But, just say no to crack. You know what I am talking about ladies. And this has nothing to do with age. No age looks good with crack. Or when you are seen hiking up your jeans up all day. Not a good look either.

One of my favorite features of this jacket is the ric rac trim detail on the inside of the jacket. This jacket was made really really well. 


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