January 19, 2018

Happy New Year 19 Days Late!

So, I might be a little "fashionably late" with the Happy New Year wishes. But c'est la vie! Life is moving a little too fast for me these days, so please expect me to be running late, most of the time. I try so hard to be on time with everything I do, but lately I have had to prioritize. Not that I don't think that this blog is important. But let's face it. It's not like you are sitting at home in suspense waiting to see what I post next. But anyway, I am posting now about what I wore on New Years Eve 2017. We didn't do anything crazy. My husband and I had a peaceful night out together eating sushi at a restaurant called Kashi, which has mysteriously closed here in Bangor, Maine! Honestly, it was our favorite place! I LOVED the chandeliers. If you know me I have a thing for chandeliers and they had a ton of them in there. And we even had a favorite waitress. Danielle. She was awesome! So sad that they closed. Anyway, I wanted to wear something bright and cheerful to represent the new year! So I chose this pretty pink sweater from Talbots.

You can shop my New Years Eve look below! 

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