April 27, 2020

Can Athleisure Be Stylish?

If you asked me whether or not athleisure could be stylish or not a couple of years ago, I would have said no way. But over the past couple of years atheisure has become very popular and stylish. I have to admit, this made me feel very confused at first. I began to feel way over dressed when I simply went to the grocery store wearing jeans and a tee shirt layered under a navy J.Crew blazer with gold buttons. I often wondered why people decided to stay in their sweats when it was so easy to put on a simple outfit like the one I was wearing? While I still believe in getting dressed in a simply chic yet casual outfit before I leave the house, I am now starting to get in on this atheisure thing as well. Staying home during the current corona virus pandemic has made me realize that I just want to be comfortable. It's kind of difficult to vacuum and clean things when you are wearing your cute jeans and blazer. They just don't move well with your body when you are active. Plus, I wouldn't want to get bleach or any other cleaning solution on my on my J.Crew blazer. I don't know how June Cleaver did it in her beautifully fitted house dresses! (You know, Leave it to Beaver's mom?) Also, chilling on the couch watching my favorite shows just doesn't seem to be comfortable in my nicer clothing, not to mention my cats climbing and clawing all over me and shedding their fur.

It wasn't until this stay at home order due to the corona virus pandemic that I finally got on the athleisure bandwagon. This has made me realize that I really don't have any presentable athleisure. All of my comfy clothes are mismatched and frankly a little old. I only have 1 pair of yoga pants and I think I purchased them from Victoria's Secret in the year 1998! They only have one tiny hole in the left thigh! I would say that they have stood the test of time pretty well. All three of my fleece jackets look aged and sort of ratty because I have had them for so long. And I really don't have any long sleeve tees that have a little sex appeal. I think it's time for me to step up my athleisure wardrobe a notch or two! My husband might appreciate that too, since he has to look at me all day. But ultimately, I want to feel good for myself. And if all it takes is a few new comfy pieces to make that happen, then lets get shopping!

Below are some of my most favorite cute and somewhat sexy athleisure pieces as well as some comfortable footwear. Each photo is clickable and will bring you right to the source!

Happy online shopping!

xoxo Laura

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