May 4, 2020

What Is Your Style?

Blouse, jeans and belt are from Talbots.
Shoes are from Zulily.
Handbag and earrings are vintage
What is your style? Do you ask yourself this question from time to time and come up short of an answer? I am here to tell you not to worry about this. I agree with Kate Spade's quote "Your style is a work in progress." You are always evolving, and that is a very good thing! I struggle with defining my style completely. Even though I lean towards classic clothing with a bit of a preppy feel, I don't like to define myself as such. If I define myself under one particular umbrella, I feel like I stifle myself from possibly exploring something new. One thing I know for certain is that I truly believe that you cannot go wrong with classic pieces, as they are the backbone of our wardrobe. For example; you might love romantic styles with lots of lace and ruffles, but without adding a classic piece such as a blazer or a pair of jeans with your lacy/ruffly blouse, you could possibly look a little over the top and definitely unbalanced. Can you imagine head to toe lace and ruffles? Trust me, unless you are a bride on her wedding day, it would be a bit much. One of the ways that I mix up my classic/preppy look is by mixing vintage accessories in, such as a cool pair of vintage statement earrings or an awesome vintage handbag.

It can be difficult when it comes to shopping for necessary classic pieces. Either you cannot find them when you want them no matter how hard you look, or you get completely distracted by all of the trendy pieces that the stores put right in front of us. It's not east to stay focused! That's why I have linked to all of your wardrobe must have's in this post so that you can begin browsing or shopping for the 20 classics that you may be missing and preventing you from making your closet into the wardrobe of your dreams!

Some people might define classic clothing as boring, but the truth is, you cannot have a complete wardrobe without at least a few of the following pieces incorporated in it:

  1. A blazer made of a fabric for the season you are currently in. (If it is spring/summer, you will want to make sure you have a linen or a linen blend blazer. If it is winter, you will want to have something in a fine wool.)
  2. A pair of very flattering bootcut jeans
  3. A basic cardigan
  4. A pair of very flattering slim leg or skinny jeans. I like to call them jeggings. Since they fit very much like leggings and look great worn with a longer style top or blazer.
  5. A cashmere sweater (v-necks are most flattering)
  6. Ballet flats
  7. A pearl necklace and pearl earrings
  8. A great white blouse
  9. A pair of black heels
  10. A denim skirt
  11. A denim jacket
  12. A basic little black dress 
  13. A couple of statement necklaces
  14. Camel colored high boots, such as a riding boot. Think equestrian.
  15. A couple of signature scarves
  16. A pair of khaki trousers if you can find a pair that you fee great in. I have yet to locate these for myself. 
  17. A couple of v neck tee shirts with a nice flattering neckline.
  18. Black dress trousers
  19. A classic trench coat
  20. A classic pea coat

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