"I love clothes, shoes and accessories, and I have a lot of them, but I have trouble putting them together in ways that make my look pop. I can dress myself in a traditional, classic style, but I like to reflect more of my non-traditional, fun side in the way I dress. Plus, I just thought it would be fun to spend time with someone that loves clothes as much as I do. 

She advised me on what to keep and what to ditch from my wardrobe. She put looks together for me out of items that were in my existing wardrobe, took photos of them and returned with an amazing album that shows me how to put myself together for any occasion.  As I add new pieces to my wardrobe I have her back to show me how to incorporate them. Now I am moving to a MUCH smaller house, so my wardrobe has to downsize to fit my much reduced closet space.  Despite the fact that I love everything I've got now, a lot of it has to go!  That's my latest project with Laura.

 She's amazingly talented, kind, tactful, gentle, generous of spirit, and fun!  I encourage her to strive for bigger things - but every time I do, I offer up a silent plea that she won't leave me." :-).
~ Dr. Mary Haynes, Clinical Director
 Community Health and Counseling Services

"I consider myself a fairly stylish person; I dress myself reasonably well. But because I frequently buy things on sale I have lot of separates and things that sometimes don't readily coordinate.
I cannot tell you what a huge blessing Laura is to me! I went through my entire closet with her, trying clothes on and asking her to pair things together so I could more easily get the vision for what was missing and what I really had for this season.
Laura helped me donate clothes that I kind of knew were not the most flattering, and we also made a pile for alterations. And through all the flurry of clothes, she made a list of which outfits could be made out of the clothes that I already owned. Laura really made creative pairings. She also wrote a shopping list of relatively inexpensive items that would really maximize the wardrobe that I had and give me more style.
She prioritized the list, suggested colors to work with existing pieces and even made a list of items to shop for in the transition between seasons to make my clothes work better as the temperatures change.My shopping has better focus, too, and I like that. Her comments were straight-forward but gentle. It was really a very good experience. Thank you, Laura!"
~ Marion R. Syversen, MBA - President
 Norumbega Financial

"Laura has wonderful style and really understands what great customer service really means. She knows my style and always gets it so right!"
~ Cindy Lavertu, Legal Assistant
 Eaton Peabody

"Laura is the "Go To Girl" to assist you with matters of redefining, refining and recycling your clothing and accessories. She does it with respect, grace, and style!"
~ Bridget Larson, APRN, BC, MSN, MEd
 Nursing Faculty

"Laura has assisted me more than once with putting together a new look. Laura is definitely the go to person when it comes to finding your style and complementing your best features and assets. She has a complete knowledge and passion for the cutting edge of the fashion industry and always go the extra mile for all her clients. Her creativity and passion for what she does really shines through!"
~ Barbara Monroe, Owner of American Retro 

"Laura is an expert in the industry & is very personable in dealingwith her Customers. She also provides an added service byblogging & using social media to inform her customers about thelatest fashion trends and events. It's very evident that she has areal passion for this industry!"
~ Denise Reed, Regional Sales Director at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group

"Laura did a fantastic job at helping me host a private shopping party at Talbots. We had several ladies in attendance using Laura's and her staff's expertise on guiding us to outfit coordination, sale items, accessorizing and overall fashion ideas. She kept in close contact with me during the weeks prior to help me with any ideas I had for the party. We all had a fantastic time, spent waaay too much money and had a lot of laughs together! All in all a great experience with Laura, as usual. She is a very creative, colorful fashion adviser and does a spectacular job at Talbot's!!! Find her on Facebook where she posts so many excellent ideas at dressing for impressing!" 
~ Shelley Tozier, Maine Licensed Insurance Agent